Ice cream novelties Ice cream cart molli coolz made at your company picnic Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois
Ice Cream Bar
Root Beer Floats
Ice Cream Novelty Cart
Fun carnival food made fresh on site at your company picnic or college event school carnival grand opening grad party block party. Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois
Soft Serve Ice Cream bar  1 staff must use our 220 volt generator 6 toppings
up to 400 servings $725

Hard  Serve Ice Cream bar  1 staff 15 amp  6 toppings
up to 400 servings $625

Root Beer Floats 1 staff up to 400 floats $550
Ice Cream Novelties $1.25 each 300 min
         Banana Split                              Birthday Cake
Chocolate                            Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough      Cookies And Cream                        Cotton Candy  
Mint Chocolate                                Vanilla