Deep Fryed Churros made on site company picnic Michigan Indiana Ohio Illinois
Always a hit of the picnic "Churros" hit the spot made on site at your event or company picnic Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois
Churros are deep-fried pastry snacks. There are many international delights that belong to the fried dough category, but churros' particular appeal comes from its crispy, ridged, cylindrical shape. Eaten as is or dipped in thick hot chocolate, it is a Spanish/Latin American street fare that has grown in popularity all over the world.
A churro is rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture and served with a slightly crispy exterior and warm, moist center. 
Fun carnival food made fresh on site at your company picnic or college event school carnival grand opening grad party block party. Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois
Cinnamon Sugar
Bavarian Creme
 6 fun flavors:
1 Staff up to 400 churros $775